I am a product designer that crafts physical interactive experiences as well as digital services and products.

I studied industrial design, focusing on the intersection of human and their environment. In order to interact with my ideas and concepts I started to tinker with physical computing and visual coding. After my study I gathered more skills on the strategic part of design at AKQA London and spend some time putting my skills to the test as a freelancer. I had been fortunate enough to work for companies like AUDI, GOOGLE, KICKZ, NIKE and VIRGIN SPORTS.

Currently I am working for Aperto – An IBM Company in Berlin, Germany.






Visual - Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Sketch, InVision

Coding/Prototyping - Processing (JS), Arduino (JS), HTML5

CAD - SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, Rhino

Motion - Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D

Strategy - Design Sprints: Ideation, Concept Testing, User Testing, User Journeys, Designing Interfaces and Wireframes, UX, Revenue Models, Launch Strategies, Prototyping

Interests - Typography, Grid Systems, Tinkering and Soldering, Chess, Basketball & Running


Curriculum Vitae


Exhibitions & Contests

Internship- and study abroad presentations: Industrial Design - 10/12
Organisation/Presenter, KH Berlin

DMY International Design Festival Exhibition "From coil" - 06/11
Exhibitor, Berlin

"Bionic" Exhibition - 07/10
Organisation/Exhibitor, KH Berlin