Quazoo, an e-learning game for children, was developed during my Master thesis in collaboration with Claudia Pineda de Castro. It consists of a digital, tablet-optimized interface and haptic, colourful game cubes. The game offers children between the ages of 6-9 a playful entry point to the German language as well as a first introduction into the world of programming. This is done over the course of three chapters, where the complexity of the game increases with each chapter. By using either a pen or one’s finger to copy animal names shown on screen, animals are unlocked and added to one’s collection, and can subsequently be controlled and trained through further written sentences, for example “If I touch the cat, the cat turns red”. Children are thus encouraged to use their imagination to create their own game principles within their animal kingdom. Quazoo has a single as well as multi-player mode and the game cubes can be used in a flexible manner to accommodate differing learning levels across age groups.

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Photographer: Fabian Vaccaro